This part of the documentation covers how to install the package. It is recommended to install the package in a virtual environment.

Create virtual environment

There are several packages/modules for creating python virtual environments. Here is a manual by the PyPA.

Installation from PyPI

You can simply install the package from PyPI:

$ pip install rstcheck


rstcheck has extras which can be installed to activate optional functionality:

  • sphinx - To activate support for rst documents using the sphinx builder.

  • toml - To activate support for TOML files as configuration files.

To install an extra simply add it in brackets like so:

$ pip install rstcheck[sphinx,toml]

Installation from source

You can install rstcheck directly from a Git repository clone. This can be done either by cloning the repository and installing from the local clone:

$ git clone
$ cd rstcheck
$ pip install .

Or installing directly via git:

$ pip install git+

You can also download the current version as tar.gz or zip file, extract it and install it with pip like above.