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You may also take a look at the same section for rstcheck-core.

Known limitations

There are inherent limitations to what rstcheck can and cannot do. The reason for this is that rstcheck itself relies on external tools for parsing and error reporting. The rst source e.g. is given to docutils which then parses it and returns the errors. Therefore rstcheck is more like an error accumulation tool. The same goes for the source code in supported code blocks.


Windows support is not stable!

Reason: Tests are failing with wrong positives and wrong negatives out of unknown reasons. See issue #107.

Known issues

ImportError: cannot import name ‘get_terminal_size’ from ‘click.termui’

Affected rstcheck version(s): All 6.0 releases

This issue is caused by an incompatibility of the dependency typer in version 0.4.0 and its subdependency click with version >=8.1.0. The issue was fixed in typer version 0.4.1.

If you encounter this issue you can either:

  • update rstcheck to a non affected version.

  • manually limit click’s upper version-bound to <8.1 if you need to rely on typer <0.4.1.

  • manually limit typer’s lower version-bound to >=0.4.1.

  • manually limit typer’s upper version-bound to <0.4 which results in typer version 0.3.2 and click version <7.2.

See #138 for reference.