Only breaking changes are mentioned here. New features or fixes are only mentioned if they somehow correspond to a breaking change.

Version 5 to 6

With version 6 the whole code base was restructured. The core library was moved into its own repository at rstcheck/rstcheck-core.

rstcheck moved from myint/rstcheck to rstcheck/rstcheck so you may want to update links you have pointing to the old repository’s location.

The master branch was renamed to main. If you use git dependencies you may need to update your reference.

The new logging system may help you find issues while migrating to v6. You may then want to turn it on on the lowest level --log-level DEBUG.

Configuration file

  • CLI options now overwrite settings in configuration files. Update your setup accordingly.

  • The following configuration keys changed:

    • report renamed to report_level

    • ignore_language renamed to ignore_languages

  • Set the --warn-unknown-settings CLI flag for warnings on unknown settings in configuration files.

  • Numbers are no longer supported for report_level (old: report)


  • CLI options now overwrite settings in configuration files. Update your setup accordingly.

  • Non existing files are ignored, but a warning is logged and the exit code is non-zero.

-The following CLI options changed:

  • --report renamed to --report-level and no longer accepts integers

  • --ignore-language renamed to --ignore-languages

  • --ignore dropped -> use --ignore-languages

  • --debug replaced with new --log-level -> use --log-level DEBUG for verbose output

  • Numbers are no longer supported for --report-level (old: --report)

  • A non-existing path passed with --config results in a non-zero exit code.

Sphinx features

Support for sphinx prior version 2.0 was dropped.

Hard-coded default values for roles and directives coming from sphinx were dropped. If you encounter a lot of unknown roles and directives this may be the reason (Example issue).

To fix this simply add sphinx to the environment from where you run rstcheck:

$ pip install sphinx  # directly

$ pip install rstcheck[sphinx]  # or via extra

To check if sphinx support is activate run:

$ rstcheck --help | grep Sphinx

Version 4 to 5

Nothing to do if you don’t need the test suit of rstcheck.

Use tox to run test suite.

Version 3 to 4

Use python 3.7 or newer to run rstcheck.