Release workflow

When enough changes and additions or time important fixes have accumulated on the main branch its time for a new release. The exact time is subject to the judgment of the maintainer(s).


Before starting the process of creating a new release make sure that all CI pipelines are green for the current commit.

  1. Check if the is up-to-date and all changes are noted.

  2. Run script to bump version, finalize, commit the changes and create a new git tag:

    $ python3 <TYPE>

    For the increase type there are three options:

    • patch / bugfix: for changes that do not add new functionality and are backwards compatible

    • minor / feature: for changes that do add new functionality and are backwards compatible

    • major / breaking: for changes that are not backwards compatible

  3. Build the sdist and wheel:

    $ poetry build
  4. Publish package:

    $ poetry publish
  5. Push the commit and tag to github:

    $ git push --follow-tags