rstcheck can be integrated and used with other tools.

Usage in Vim

Using with Syntastic:

let g:syntastic_rst_checkers = ['rstcheck']

Using with ALE:

Just install rstcheck and make sure is on your path.

Use as a pre-commit hook

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

-   repo:
    rev: ''  # Use the sha / tag you want to point at
    -   id: rstcheck
        additional_dependencies: []  # can be omitted if empty

You may want to specify a rstcheck-core version or range, if you depend on a feature which was added after the current minimal version of rstcheck-core. Simply add e.g. "rstcheck-core==v1.0.0" to the list for additional_dependencies.

Use with Mega-Linter

Just install Mega-Linter in your repository, rstcheck is part of the 70 linters activated out of the box.