rstcheck uses Semantic Versioning.

rstcheck uses main as its single development branch. Therefore releases are made from this branch. Only the current release is supported and bugfixes are released with a patch release for the current minor release.


For development the following tools are used:

  • poetry for dependency management, package metadata, building and publishing.

  • tox for automated and isolated testing.

  • pre-commit for automated QA checks via different linters and formatters.

Set up Local Development Environment

The setup of a local development environment is pretty easy. The only tool you need is the poetry. You can install it via the recommended way, which installs it globally on your system or you can install it via pip in a self-created virtualenv (virtualenv manual).

With poetry set up and ready we can create our development environment in just one step:

$ poetry install

This will install rstcheck along its main and development dependencies.

Working with the Local Development Environment

Dependency management and more with poetry

is used for dependency management, building and publishing rstcheck.

Testing with tox

To run all available tests and check simply run:

$ tox

This will run:

  • formatters and linters via pre-commit.

  • the full test suite with pytest.

  • a test coverage report.

  • tests for the documentation.

Different environment lists are available and can be selected with tox -n <ENVLIST>:

  • test: run full test suite with pytest and report coverage.

  • py3.7 - py3.10 run full test suite with specific python version and report coverage.

  • docs: run all documentation tests.

Linting and formatting pre-commit

can be used directly from within the development environment or you can use tox to run it pre-configured.

There are 3 available tox envs with all use the same virtualenv:

  • pre-commit: For running any pre-commit command like tox -e pre-commit -- autoupdate --freeze.

  • pre-commit-run: For running all hooks against the code base. A single hook’s id can be passed as argument to run this hook only like tox -e pre-commit-run -- black.

  • pre-commit-install: For installing pre-commit hooks as git hooks, to automatically run them before every commit.

IDE integration

The development environment has flakeheaven (a flake8 wrapper), pylint and mypy installed to allow IDEs to use them for inline error messages. Their config is in pyproject.toml. To run them actively use pre-commit and/or tox.